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To travel to Cuba as a tourist, you just need a passport and a “tourist card”, which makes the role of the visa.

The Tourist card can be obtained at the Cuban embassy or consulates as well as travel agencies or finally at the arrival in Cuba to the airport. You will have to complete a form, present a valid passport and a photocopy of the booking of your hotel accommodation. The card or tourist visa is valid for one entry and exit to Cuba and have a duration of 30 days from the date of arrival in Cuba, may be extended for another 30 days.

The entry of cash is unlimited but it is recommended to state figures above to $ 5000 for re-export an amount equal to or exceeding that amount are required to present a customs declaration in question.

There are only health restrictions for travelers from countries where yellow fever and cholera are endemic or have been declared areas of infection by the World Health Organization, in which case you are required to present the International Certificate of Vaccination.

The entry of products of animal or vegetable origin is restricted, and the entry of pets requires special procedures. Imported animals (pets) vaccinated, but it is necessary to accompany the documentation.

Duty free items: Tourists leaving Cuba may take out 50 cigarettes, 20 lose cigars, 50 boxed cigars and two bottles of rum or other spirits. Receipts (original and copy) must be shown to export over 50 cigars, otherwise they will be seized.

American tourists bringing back Cuban-made goods will be considered in violation of the Treasury embargo and their goods will be confiscated. Mind that it is also illegal for US citizens to import Cuban products even if they never stepped foot on the island

Tel Area codes: To call abroad from Cuba, dial the exit code of Cuba (119), then the country and phone number. The International Dialling Code for Cuba is +53. To call to for example, La Habana from abroad you must dial + 53 for Cuba, then 7 for La Habana and the phone number. To call to Habana from another province in Cuba, dial 0, then the area code and the phone number.

Electricity: The electric current in the majority of the places and hotels is 110V/60hz with standard US-style two- or three-prong outlets, although there are some installations that have 220V/60hz (particularly those that cater to European clientele). It is a good idea to carry a three-to-two-prong adapter for any appliance you have that has a three-prong plug.

Language: Spanish is the official language in Cuba. There are no dialects. However, each region has its expressions and ways of pronunciation.

Outside of the tourist areas, English is not widely spoken, and some rudimentary Spanish will help you a lot.

Police: The Cuban government recognizes the importance of tourism and tourists for its economy. It goes to show: a police agent will never be far away, especially near and around tourist attractions. As a general rule, they are helpful and easily approachable.

Nationwide, you can dial 116 for police, although you should not expect to find an English-speaking person on the other end of the line.

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