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    The benchmark in hotels of charm

    Scope by it vocation “Find out, and discover”, the brand Authentic Boutique Hotel has the ambition to be the benchmark in hotels of Charm for travelers of the world.

    Thanks to a strong presence in different countries with more than 300 rooms, Authentic Boutique Hotel is offering a wide range of Boutique Hotel. Mainly present in Europe, Asia, Costa Rica, Tunisia.

    A strong brand

    To realize his ambition, Authentic Boutique Hotel set on a strong brand designed for owners it represents. The brand is built with who make it up, its members.

    The power of the brand has only one objective, to allow members to maintain their independence and to ensure the sustainability of their structures.
    Authentic boutique Hotel help every day its members in marketing to enable a diversification of their customers and avoid their dependence on Internet sites “pure players” distribution of nights.

    A unique and comprehensive range of tools and services

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