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Welcome to Authentic Boutique Hotel


The main activity of Authentic Boutique Hotel is to serve and meet the needs of hotel owners. We are one of the industry leaders in providing concrete and innovative experiences. Over the past years, we have perfected the art of travel and accommodation, consistently exceeding the expectations of our partner owners.

Our diverse portfolio of boutique hotels reflects our ability to undertake while maintaining consistency in quality, service, and specialized experiential hospitality dedicated to clients.

We can offer you our dedicated and innovative expertise, and our team of seasoned sales and marketing professionals is what sets us apart from the competition and large brand hotels. We consider it our responsibility to our clients, owners, and partners to continue trying new ideas and approaches, remaining professional and committed at every step.



The main activity of Authentic Boutique Hotel is to serve and meet the needs of hotel owners. .


Revenue management in our industry has traditionally focused on room yield. But as customers demand more personalized experiences, better culinary options, and expanded services, there are additional, and substantial, opportunities for revenue growth. That’s why we examine the total value of each customer, focusing on improving yield from all sources throughout their stay.

Welcome to Authentic Boutique Hotel


We have developed different restaurant concepts, bringing culinary innovations to a diverse and demanding clientele across our portfolios. Our culinary approach is customized for each location, and we are constantly exploring new ways to incorporate local products to offer unique flavors and a distinctive experience to our customers.

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We have experience working with boutique hotel owners to achieve short- and long-term financial goals. Our experienced finance team interprets and provides financial intelligence that supports our partners in making decisions that ensure maximum profitability; decisions that ultimately improve property value based on superior financial performance. The team at Authentic Boutique Hotel handles everything—from designing networks to defining systems, managing vendors, coordinating training, and maintaining or evolving current systems. We are constantly searching for the latest tools and solutions to increase quality, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction while reducing overall costs.

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